From Desk of Founder/Director

GD International SCHOOL has, therefore been established for the specific purpose of providing the new generation with an institution which besides giving the best education in the field of modern science & technology. It cares for all round development physical, mental & spiritual and inculcates in them a deep love for high moral values and deep respect for all religions.

Human nature is to be ambitious. Ambition resides in the heart of hopes. Even the nature teaches us the consequences of ambition. A flower desires to bloom and a tree bears fruits. Thus, the term ‘ambition’ is itself hidden in the hopes of nature; and with the change of time and situation, the ambition of nature gets fulfilled. This is just because of its action. Therefore, we humans too, should try to transform the hopes into thoughts and thoughts into actions. As a result, the action bears the fruit of success. As noble laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore says, “Nature is the best teacher of human being”.

Our educational model will be-all an international school with an Indian mind, and Indian heart and an Indian soul. All these inspire us to do continus our best, in preparing children for the 21st century. I warmly invite you to explore GDIS as we will re-dedicate ourselves every day, to import the very best education to young minds.


– Mr. Sultan Singh Yadav
Retrd. Principal

From the Principal’s Desk

Be a Good Finder

“Start your step to get your goal with our Institution”

Dear Students / Parents,

Follow the footprint of our patro. We mentor our students to sharp their intelligence and enable them to accomplish their aspirations. L procure the support of a strong team of faculty members who heatedly put their efforts to motivate our students and guide th to progress at every step.

To achieve the goal, the GDIS following a Three – pronged approach CONNECT, NURTURE and GROW, we CONNECT proactively with the worlds of practice and policy, with academic work nationally globally with our alumni and local community.

NURTURE a high performance work environment by emphasizing and supporting a clima autonomy, stretch and team work.

GROW our capacity , but do so in a thoughtful and strategic manner, aiming to have an in commensurate with our ambitions and ensuring that we maintain and upgrade the quality people and our experience .

There are following success mantras fir Academic as well as competitive exam – Punctuality, Regularity & Dedication.

Full concentration on your gals.

Solve numerical problems /word problem.

To clear basic concepts & revision of topics.

Follow pattern of exam in which you are appearing & solve last 10 year question papers.

Faith in God & your hard work.

“Students are FUTURE of the NATION

“Believe it to see it”.

“When the vision is clear, the Passion and Creativity are there”.

– Mr. T.K. Pandey
(An Experienced Educator, Mathematics Expert)